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If ever there was a time for a book to appear, which can uplift the spirit and give direction towards a more peaceful, purposeful and content life, that time is now. And that book is Two Truths.


In our modern era, which demands immediacy and superficiality, we are experiencing, like no other age, a disconnection from what makes us human. People are finding themselves disconnected. They're disconnected from others, their purpose in life, and, for many, living a life that is not the one they really want.


Many are searching for life’s meaning and want to give meaning to their life. The challenge many face is an emotional bombardment, which is dulling what it is to be human. 


In his latest book, Two Truths, Steve Richardson, shares two simple principles that remind us what makes us human and how easy it is to enjoy a purpose filled life. 


If you want a happier and more purposeful existence and wish to reconnect with what matters most in life, then the Two Truths is the book for you.

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