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It's great to meet you - even if it's at a distance!

I don't know about you, but sometimes life can throw some very interesting challenges at us. Often, just at the moment, we could do without some form of challenge in our life.

And as a lifelong learner, I have discovered that I have mostly generated the suffering, pain and discomfort associated with my life lessons.


I wrote the Two Truths to offer some heartfelt guidance on how to navigate, accept and eventually be grateful for the trials that cross our path.

I do so, acknowledging that every situation and person is different. However, the Two Truths have been with us since the dawn of time. Indeed, well before established religion, philosophy and legend.


I deeply believe The Two Truths and their active placement in our lives, sits at the very core of what makes us human.

It is my belief that if we surrender to the spirit and working values of the Two Truths, individually and collectively, we, as a species, would be happier, more content and devoid of hate.

I hope you enjoy the book.



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